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Is Your Unclaimed Money With the Government?

The answer is probably yes. That is, if you have unclaimed money, the government is looking after it for you. The problem comes when you try to find it. Unfortunately there is no all inclusive government website like Unclaimed, or any one department, where you can go to see if your unclaimed assets are in government safe custody.
Each agency of the federal government maintains its own database of unclaimed money lying with it. So does each state. This makes a government site like unworkable, which is why it doesn’t exist. To find unclaimed money that belongs to you or to a friend or relative, you will have to go and search the databases of each federal agency and state one by one. This makes it a laborious and time consuming effort. But it is worth while. There are billions of dollars of unclaimed property lying with the federal government and the sates and it is estimated that 6 out to 10 Americans are owed money that they do not know about.
The nearest things to Unclaimed are the websites of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators NAUPA and other unclaimed money sites. NAUPA is the association of states’ unclaimed money administrators whoa re trying to find the rightful owners of the money and property in their possession. The site is not Unclaimed But it is a single place you can go to access the databases of nearly all the states unclaimed property to see if anything is due to you. If you do find something, the site and the states unclaimed property website where located the money will guide you in making your claim.
This type of money is also not an all encompassing like the extensive Cash Unclaimed. It is a professional site run by experts in searching for unclaimed assets and who have complied the various states databases into an easy to use format which makes searching quick and simple. If you are able to find funds that belong to you, the site will assist you in putting together all the supporting documents you need to make your claim.
Neither site will make your claim for you. That is left to you to handle yourself, but with the clear cut procedures laid down, it is not difficult. So although there is no such site to make things easy for you, these two sites are the next best thing.The odds are in your favor, so go ahead and see if you have a treasure you did not know about.

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